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“The banking business is the easiest on earth: One has money, another needs money, and the bank sits in between!”

“To manage a bank one needs to follow the 3-6-3 rule: Give 3% to the depositor, take 6% from the beneficiary and from 3 p.m. on play golf!”


Quotes like these suggest that the banks’ work is not really intellectually challenging. The accuracy of this assumption surely can be challenged for the past but more than ever it does not match today’s reality of the bank economy. The demand for the banks’ business policy, the development of instruments for risk management, the impact of regulation, these are all topics that cannot be solved in the afternoon playing golf, but instead are in need of intensive research for scientific methods.

The University of Cologne’s Institute for Bank Management and Banking Law takes on the current challenges that face the bank economy and works on solutions which match the highest scientific standards and at the same time are practically useful.

The bank management branch of the institute is closely interlaced with the University of Cologne’s Department of Bank Management and supports the department to fulfill its mission in research and teaching.

Approximately 8,800 students are currently enrolled at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences – 2,200 in the B.Sc. Business Administration, 900 in the 2015 ending Diplom program, as well as 144 in the Master program with a Finance specialization. In 2012, around 1,700 students successfully graduated from the Faculty – 650 from Diplom and Magister programs, 181 from Master programs, 800 from Bachelor programs and 55 from teaching programs.

The Department for Bank Management offers courses for Bachelor-, Master- and Diploma- studies. The course Finanzmanagement deals with the basics of financial planning, the optimization of the capital structure, the methods of risk management as well as with the basics of valuating financial titles. This knowledge can be extended in the specialized path of Finance and is applied to specific questions of banking in the course Bankmanagement. In the area of the master studies the department offers the specialization Bankbetriebslehre and is a part of the Finance Major. The teaching includes courses dealing with institutional economics, risk management of banks, investment banking and the management of building associations and leasing companies. Seminars offer the opportunity to compile and present a paper in a small group under instruction of one of the department’s researchers. Guest speakers illustrate how theory can be taken into the praxis of banking.

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